The Keaton Keris derives inspiration from its namesake. A Keris (or Kris) is a prominent weapon used widely in the Malay Archipelago, where we are based, made out of various forged steels and wood. It served multiple purposes: as a tool for both defense and offense, and more widely today, as a spiritual and ceremonial symbol.

The Keris is a fascinating weapon. Nearly every part and aspect of it is both functional and symbolic.

For example: different Pamor patterns, a result of welding, folding and acid etching, was each believed to impart different powers and attributes to the dagger. The banding of the metal layers which gave rise to these patterns, was fundamentally meant to impart physical strength, as well the ability to be honed to high resilience and sharpness, to the blade.

The dagger is also both a weapon and a ritualistic object, used in both ceremonies and dance. A juxtaposition between utility and art. It is this contrasting, nearly paradoxical, aspect of the Keris dagger which drew us strongly to it, and inspired our design of the Keaton Keris.

The closest classification of the Keaton Keris is hence an Artistic Diver; one which encapsulates the utilitarian aspects of a tool-watch, with an added layer of refinement, through its unconventional silhouette and premium finishing.

The construction of the Keris Dagger also guided us in the use of varied materials. The blade ("wilah") which can be made from patterned or non-patterned metal, the handle ("hulu") which can be made from wood or bone, and the shealth ("warangka") which is usually made from wood. Another occurence of contrast and synergy, which we sought to exemplify in the different Keaton Keris variants.